Breeder Workshop - August 2nd, 2014

Didohama Suri Stud - Mt. Beppo, Queensland

After the success of the 2013 workshop, the SSA Breeders have scheduled the 2nd in a series of educational workshops.  This workshop will be held at Didohama Suri Stud in Mt. Beppo, just west of Brisbane near the Somerset Dam and Toogoolawah.  Like the previous workshop, this one will be free of charge to all alpaca owners and enthusiasts.  We very much enjoyed the round-table format and will be having similar discussions on several new and important topics, including:

1) Your alpaca stud and Australian Tax Law

2) Options for your shorn fleece

3) How to choose males to enhance your breeding program

4) Cria Care - from the last trimester to weaning, and

5) How to use social media to promote your business

For more details, download the invitation below.  We look forward to a wonderful event and seeing our enthusiastic alpaca friends.

RSVP today to Leanne Tunny at

The 2014 SSA Educational Workshop will be run in conjunction with our first One-Day-Only Mating Sale.  Twelve of the best males SSA has to offer will be up for stud at $300 plus GST for one mating and $500 plus GST for two.  You can choose any of the males on offer regardless of the owner.  They will all be at one place on August 2nd, so bring a female or two and join SSA in improving our herds!  Click the PDF icon below for a full list and descriptions of the males available! 


Reserve your male by emailing


If you are interested in owning or breeding alpacas, you have come to the right place.  Sunshine State Alpacas is a site dedicated to introducing people interested in owning or breeding these lovely South American animals to some of the reputable, experienced and knowledgable breeders in Queensland.  On this site, you will be able to learn about alpacas, find breeders and farms in your area, and meet others who can guide you into the wonderful world of alpacas. 


On this website, you will find alpaca breeders and websites by region, lists of alpacas for sale in Queensland, tips on buying your first alpacas, and some other things to think about when taking the plunge.  Also featured on this site are some of the region's best stud sires and a selection of gentle wethered males for sale as pets.  We hope that this website will help start some love affairs between Queenslanders and these amazing animals. 


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There are a number of great things on this website, including tips for getting started, some lovely pets for sale, and keep checking our LIBRARY page to see interesting articles about alpaca health, husbandry, and breeding.  This page will be updated frequently so that it becomes a great one-stop-shop for all issues that arise while owning these amazing animals.